tirsdag 8. juni 2010

Co-prod: "SP SHIT" Series Beat Tapes (free dl)

When both Fredfades and myself got our hands on SP1200 samplers, we instantly fell in love with the sound and fun of that beast. Instant Hip Hop sound, heavy drums hitting hard, and being forced to keep things minimalistic and tight! Together we make quite a lot of beats on it, and to share them with y'all we give you the SP Shit series beat tapes. Later on we got to know John Rice and his SP1200 skills, so naturally he got included on the tapes and as a member of the Oslo SP Ensemple.

Fredfades has very detailed descriptions + tracklists on the tapes at his blog, links provided for those interested. Now bang all volumes 1 through 4 for instant Hip Hop beats!

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