onsdag 3. september 2014

Co-prod: "Fredfades Remixes"

I hope you all have checked our five volumes of SP1200 "SP SHIT" beat tapes. King Underground released Fredfades + Ivan Ave "Breathe EP" on vinyl not too long ago, and are now dropping a limited edition white label vinyl with nine Fredfades remixes. Eight of those are made on the classic SP1200 and one on the MPC2000XL. I co-produced two of the tracks, and the third Oslo SP Ensemble member John Rice contributed on another. This release will be limited to 300 copies, and as the last release sold out real quick: cop these cold joints while they're hot!

tirsdag 3. juni 2014

Mixed: Ivan Ave "Low Jams" EP (prod. MNDSGN)

As you might have noticed I have been doing some mixing for other artists, including the talented local rapper Ivan Ave (who also dropped a verse on my recent beat tape "Gourmet Soul"). He has now released four tracks rhyming over beats produced by MNDSGN (now signed to Stones Throw). I love mixing for him as we like the same sound, and I can tweak and add as much analog delay and distortion I want. Definitely check these tracks out, they are mellow, soulful and dirty in a good way!

UPDATE: After being up on SoundCloud for a month Ivan got signed to Jakarta Records! They are pressing this EP on vinyl, including an additional track I also mixed, plus all of the instrumentals. Buy it here! They will also release his coming album, so stay tuned. How dope is that? Congrats to my man!

UPDATE 2: All of the 300 EPs sold out during the pre-release...

tirsdag 11. mars 2014

Solo Beattape: "Gourmet Soul"

I decided to share some of my own stuff from the past five years. I put together a little tape of mostly instrumentals, but I also got Twisted Artistics and Ivan Ave to lay down some bars on two of the joints. Some beats are made on the SP1200, some on the MPC2000XL and some are built in my DAW with me on the Rhodes, Moog and P-Bass. Enjoy!

HQ audio without limiter here: 

lørdag 8. februar 2014

Co-prod: Fredfades & Ivan Ave "Breathe" EP

My homies Fredfades and Ivan Ave (former Ivy League, peep vinyl "Brains EP" and free dl "Pine Trees EP") just got a vinyl release through King Underground (UK). One side features Ivan Ave on the mic, and the B-side is straight up instrumentals beats by Fredfades. I co-produced two of the joints on the record, this is one of them:
There is a standard edition vinyl and a limited deluxe edition with a bonus 7". Get your copy before they're gone forever! If you're too late tho' it's available digitally as well...