tirsdag 3. juni 2014

Mixed: Ivan Ave "Low Jams" EP (prod. MNDSGN)

As you might have noticed I have been doing some mixing for other artists, including the talented local rapper Ivan Ave (who also dropped a verse on my recent beat tape "Gourmet Soul"). He has now released four tracks rhyming over beats produced by MNDSGN (now signed to Stones Throw). I love mixing for him as we like the same sound, and I can tweak and add as much analog delay and distortion I want. Definitely check these tracks out, they are mellow, soulful and dirty in a good way!

UPDATE: After being up on SoundCloud for a month Ivan got signed to Jakarta Records! They are pressing this EP on vinyl, including an additional track I also mixed, plus all of the instrumentals. Buy it here! They will also release his coming album, so stay tuned. How dope is that? Congrats to my man!

UPDATE 2: All of the 300 EPs sold out during the pre-release...

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