søndag 20. mars 2011

Featured in SP1200 book

A brand spankin' new dope ass book about the legendary E-mu SP1200 sampler has just been released by 27sens! The SP1200 is a main ingredient in my (and of course the whole Oslo SP Ensemble's) sound and setup(s). Fredfades and me got interviewed for this book, along with some VERY respected Hip Hop producers.

This book is a must if your'e into Hip Hop, as few other machines has helped form Hip Hop as much as the very first samplers did. So kick back with a cup of whatever and read this book while blasting our SP SHIT series beat tapes!

So check the book out and get your copy!

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  1. SP-1200: The Official Book, and if you cats are in NY this month come to the party we're throwing in Brooklyn at the -- brooklynfireproof.com

    ++ DRUMAT!C