onsdag 14. november 2012

Co-prod: Fredfades "Remixes" (free dl)

UK Recordstore KingUnderground put out dope stuff on vinyl. Oslo SP Ensemble, being cratediggers and DJs, love vinyl. Fredfades and Ivan Ave (former Ivy League, if you heard our Brains EP with him) are dropping a vinyl real soon (I also co-produced on that one). While we all wait for it, King Underground dropped this collection of Fredfades remixes! Oslo SP Ensemble members John Rice and myself co-produced a couple of joints as well. This is a free download, so be sure to cop this heat! And if you haven't downloaded the free Pine Trees EP you might as well do that as well.
On a side note, I just finished spicing up and mixing Ivan Ave's new video EP titled Portals, which you can stream/download here and peep the vids on YouTube.

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